Taekwondo uses a grading syllabus. Each student learns more complex movements and techniques between each grading. This provides a methodical learning structure for students. This structure they can carry with them into other physical or academic endeavours. All gradings are conducted by David McGarity.


Southern Taekwondo is located in the Dingley Village and Braeside area of South East Melbourne, Victoria. It is an excellent martial art for building self confidence, learning self defence or competing all the way to the world stage. Children and adults will improve their fitness, coordination, balance, self discipline, awareness and perseverance. All in a fun and social environment.

Southern Taekwondo is run by Head Instructor David McGarity. David has over 40 years experience, practising and teaching martial arts to children and adults. He is a Kukkiwon (Korea) accredited Head Coach. Also Working with Children Approved and Police Checked. We are a registered member of Taekwondo Victoria Inc.

We have students from many suburbs. Including Dingley Village and Dandenong. Braeside and Bonbeach. Parkdale and Patterson Lakes. Mentone, Mordialloc and Moorabbin. Chelsea Heights, Cheltenham, Clarinda and Clayton South. Aspendale, Heatherton, Keysborough, Noble Park, Springvale South and Waterways.


Southern Taekwondo is affiliated with No’s Taekwondo in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria. It follows the same tradition of discipline and physical, mental and personal development. We allow each student to develop to their full potential.

Taekwondo is an activity which uses both sides of the body. It is extremely effective for children in developing coordination, balance, flexibility and posture.

* We offer 2 free introductory classes.


We believe the main aspect of learning should always be Taekwondo as a martial art. Taekwondo as a sport is also lots of fun and hard work. Students can also compete for medals in competitions if they wish. Competitions are guided by rules to provide a vigorous but safe environment. Having said that, all students should place their main emphasis on Taekwondo as a martial art first.


Belinda (Victoria Police Officer);
I started at Southern Taekwondo when I was 13 and my brother 10. We looked at other martial arts clubs first but what my father liked about Southern Taekwondo was the high level of physical fitness and skills that were not present in other clubs. My brother and I were both interested in competition and enjoyed stepping up to the extra intensity of the training. Head coach David McGarity was very good at putting us at ease and giving us the confidence to go into our first competition. It is an experience I will keep with me for life. The practical aspects of the self defence we learned has given me an extra level of assurance and confidence in my work. I truly recommend Southern Taekwondo to anyone who is looking for quality training and developing a high level of fitness.

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