Taekwondo has as many participants today, as all the other martial arts combined.

Taekwondo is both a martial art and a sport. You can focus on the self defence side. Or on competition. Or do both.

As a sport Taekwondo promotes activity, social involvement and fitness. For those with the competitive drive, it can provide an outlet. Also an avenue to higher achievement. However for many it’s all about fun and social involvement. Better fitness and a feeling of general wellness. You get to choose what is best for you. And that can change over time.

The martial art aspect develops self discipline, self motivation, determination and respect for others. Not only do you learn about self defence. You will experience improved self esteem and assertiveness. It may also help with anxiety. And physically your balance, flexibility, agility and general fitness will improve.

This is a sport for girls and boys. Women and men. Young and old. And any age in between. Quality schools allow you to develop your Taekwondo at a pace you are comfortable with.

There are very good reasons why Taekwondo is so popular.